Transformation on Solid Spiritual Principles


Most problems we face in life are simply a reflection of us not knowing who we really are, a lack of knowledge of our True Identity. So how can we transform our lives? We have to think differently and changed our beliefs about ourselves and the external world. When we learn and practice who we really are: abundance, love, peace, joy, freedom, balance, wisdom, plus many more great spiritual characteristics our life circumstances has to change to reflect abundance, love, joy, peace, and freedom.

These spiritual characteristics are within each and everyone one of us. We were born to thrive not to survive. We were born with these spiritual characteristics and no one or experiences in life can strip us of our spiritual characteristics because it is our essence, our spirit, our energy and energy can’t be destroyed based on the laws of science. Energy can be transformed though that’s why if we don’t know who we are as a spiritual being if we don’t know our spiritual characteristics we operate from a false premise and we are at the mercy of circumstances and others in the world.

When we live life from a false premise, life becomes a struggle, we suffer emotional and physical pain, we feel powerless, we experience lack of money, we have poor relationship with ourselves and others, we have low self-esteem, and we lack self-confidence. To transform all of that we must start from a premise based on Truth for our life to work. Start identifying ourselves with the spiritual characteristics that we were born with that is dormant inside of us. Those spiritual characteristics exist within us no matter what has happened before in our life. Keep on affirming these spiritual characteristics no matter what is happening in our world. It must be a constant reminder until you see it and experience it in your life.

This is truly an inside job, identifying with and practicing these spiritual characteristics daily. At first we may not believe that we are all these wonderful qualities we can start to act as if this is who we are until we actually believe them and then we will eventually start to experience the peace, the joy and love in our lives, and in the process we will start to have a radical faith that Life is for us not against us. We start experiencing life as easy and effortless. All our needs are met the moment we deal with it internally. From turning inside to our wisdom we are directed on what to do in the world. We no longer focus externally how to change circumstances by manipulating things and people. We turned within and allow the wisdom within to unfold and guide us.

There are also two more elements that are very essential in this process for life to be easy and effortless: Gratitude and forgiveness. Gratitude gives us the opportunity to recognize the challenge as the catalyst for the personal growth we are about to achieve. Forgiveness of ourselves and others removes any obstacle that can be in the way of our success. Many of us don’t realize how certain behaviors we practice keep all of our goods away from us, including money. For example being angry at what others did to us, keeps the situation in our lives longer. See the blog article “Things we do in life that blocks the flow of prosperity” at Forgiveness leaves us with more vibrant energy than the depressed down energy we experience when we don’t forgive. When we forgive we end up with more energy to pursue our goals and our purpose in this lifetime.

Many lives have been transformed with the steps discussed above: Identify with your spiritual characteristics, practicing gratitude and forgiveness daily. There are many books on those subjects for further information on incorporating them in your life.

Carole Bishop is the director of Spiritual Freedom Seminars. Her spiritual development journey began in 1994 with Rev. Iyanla Vanzant. From 1994 through 2013 she has also studied with several other spiritual teachers. She has incorporated their teachings into her daily life to move from a life of feeling overwhelm to effortless, powerlessness to empowerment, lack consciousness to abundance consciousness, low self-esteem to self-confident. These teachers also taught her how to be a giver to life. She now teaches “Building Prosperity on Solid Spiritual Principles” to share these spiritual principles with others. For more information or 732-993-8538.

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