Having Faith

The Science of Mind Magazine for me is a guide to Spiritual Living. It is packed with affirmative declarations and ideas on how to apply Spiritual principles in my daily life.  Below is one example on the topic “Having Faith” by Carol Smith, RScP.  This one article was in the May 2000 issue of Science of Mind Magazine. After you read this piece if it speaks to you or resonate with you and want more go to the link and subscribe http://scienceofmind.com/subscribe/

Having Faith

When we have faith in God, we trust in the Divine Order of the universe. We know we are exactly in our right place, doing what is before us to do. It is so clear to me that having faith means not worrying or doubting or being afraid, because I know that whatever the outcome, it is in Divine Order.

Faith is having the ability to look past that which we do see, and see that which we do not see but desire to see, knowing that as we continue to look at that desire, it begins to reveal itself. We must know, however, without a shadow of doubt, which means having absolute conviction regardless of anything contrary to it, that all is well: situations, circumstances, people, places, and things in our lives.

Trusting in Divine Order is knowing that everything is working for our good, not just that which feels good or looks good to us, but all things. Faith is when you know that God is in full control and all you have to do is trust. Faith is what you have when you let go and let God.

Today I surrender in faith because I know in whom I have believed, I let go and let God. I walk by faith, not by sight. 

  • Carol Smith, RScP Science of Mind May 2000


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